Thursday, June 4, 2009

wanna have my final exam!!

next tuesday,9 june, start my final exma lu....aduh...i study until blur blur and hungry...hahaha...maybe use my brain 2 much and blood sugar drop~wakakakakakaa

this this i onli need to exam for 2 units...sound easy, rite but it is finance subject leh!damn hard!all calculation which owes make me so confuse which formal i need to use..

this time i really need to read the question carefully cos they all damn tricky!

It ends on Friday and hopefully i can graduate~lalalalaalala~

after exam then i need to work lu at small company with rezebel lo( if no problem) any the salary is quite low....but nvm least soemthing i like to do ( not related to wad i study..wakakaka)

and wish everyone all the best!!!jia you!!!must PASS all the subjects!!!aza aza!!!


cRankinG lamEMO said...

wa...two finance units...jiayou! very kik!

wad n whr u work next time? haha...

ahkian said...

i work as a normal worker which nothing related to finance and acc...hahahaa...near parkson there~