Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Borneo Rain Forest

I've been specially selected for an advertorial opportunity to promote the Ping.sg-Tiger Airways "Share Your Holiday" contest...so i think of writing about da Borneo Rain Forest...hehe

Two week ago, i go to Borneo Rain Forest, miri, with ma friends, da jie and her KL friends.

this is a first time i went to Borneo Rain Forest. Da jie told me before about this rain forest but never think of going there, until her friends come her to visit her. So she decided to bring her friends to Rain Forest and i follow lu....hehehehe....

Here is Borneo Rain Forest?? It is just 30-40 km from Miri town, so it consider as near for us.

so we start over journey to Rain Forest...weeeee....da jie drive...ahaha...

The entry fee for this Rain Forest is RM50, with include visiting, lunch and snack. The price is quite reasonable laH^^

when u entry da rain forest, Rain Forest employee will lead us to parking space and bring us to the main buliding.

when we get out from da car..we see this...big big old tree...look cool~

a giant tree..when midnite, it will move and eat da naugty kids...ahaha...jkjk~

this is da main building...when u enter, they will give u a glass of orange juice...cooL services!

after da drinks and restroom times, we need to start our jorney to da forest and waterfall!!weeee

da big track going to bring us go around loh...weee..let go!!!!

this is da intructor which are bery bery funny...cos i keep on asking him.."mana harimaO"
then he say"off duty"

we go to visit animal.....animal....rabbit chicken duck....haiH~

this call rabbit if u din remember

and this is white white duck...make sure u remember that duck is white..not the roasted one..

then we go up to da hill...and see this....

this tree bery special...ahaha..the purpose for this tree is to let the lighting to hit ...so no one get hit when walk around..do u believe??

after we see da trees which all look alike and da fruit trees which dun have any fruit...we need to ride a boat...big one lah...ahaha

they going to bring us go along da river b4 we go to da waterfall

but safety go first...well, we do is look around...feed da fish...and if u wan to, u can try to catch da fish..but make sure not da crocodiles...i will jump da boat..

fish fish fish..they caught a fish....ahahaha

after da boat trip..we go to waterfall....actually we can swim and play at there but i din..cos i cant swim and din bring any extra cloths...so i just look look and take some pic...

"bro, u think we can just jump to da water" kid A
"no..mum will kill us" kid B
"wont lah..why dun we push her to da water first"kid A
"wat?!bro, i think we just jump into da water"kid B
"good idea, but u jump first...."kid A
"...."kid B

clean water....

after "look" at da water fall, we need to walk back to da main building for afternoon activities...and take our lunch...weeeeee

this is their room...quite cooL...RM300++ per nite...ehehee

yeah....start our lunch...buffet...waH....hungry loh after walking so much....

food food food....da food taste nice..maybe too hungry...ehehee..not bad at all XP

da view of the hoteL

their lobby with many many chair...round rottan chairs...which can spin around if u like to..

after our dinner, we plan to....have activity call as boating!ahahaa
there is 4 activities for u to choose
  1. boating
  2. fishing
  3. jungle trackinh
  4. swiming
but we choose boating...cos i never have boating b4...exited....ahahaa
ok...i am read to drift da boat!! bring it on!!!

but owes safety first...cos i cant swim...

how ma boating....damn tired...i din take pic when boating...i dun wan ma k810 become da lunch for da fish....quite fun....but someone almost make me drop into da river loh...and hit ma head....luckly i din fall into da river...

da eating place....we have our snack after go to gym area..play snookers, basketball and ping pong...become more tired...

this is ma new ride...ahahaha...da ride which bring us to da jungle...

when we wan to go home...we go to talk pic with da big tree and da Rain FOrest's photographer...ahahaa...nolah...he owes offer to help us to take pic...so we ask him to take pic with us lu...wakakaka...

i am quite surprise is that all da employees are bery bery friendly and keep on smiling..feel like u having a relax and happy holiday trip somewhere in da forest!cool!

this holiday trips is cool and i think i will intro to ma friends..if u never been there before, you should try to go there once....relax your mind and having fun!

wat u waiting for?! grab your bag and book your airtickets to Miri. Tiger Airways will be a good choice to let u travel around!

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Po Leen said...

how come i dont know about the borneo rainforest one?

ahkian said...

cos u oledi become KL gal...