Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ma new hair producT

ahhhkian's blog have invest new thing call "ahkian hair colour"...it help u to change any colour u wish to have...

how to change??

  1. u do not need to dye
  2. no ammonia smell
  3. no harm to ur hair
  4. no crazy pain
  5. no damn surgery
  6. and no side effect!

everything is just a "click"

new generation hair style!


inside is a thing which look like mp3....32gb inside for putting colour of hairs or song which can download from ahkianhaircolour.com...when u wan to change ur hair colour, just click!

anytime and place!

everyone can have thier own colour!

just a simple click..it change ur life

what u waiting for??

pls leave comments if u wish to order...


not for kid which is under 12 years old

and this product officially out in year of 3085...so pls wait....

if u wan, pls pay half of da price...wakakaka

1 comment:

rezebel said...

i wan RED hair!! and PINK hair..!!