Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween

i wanna tel u that i din celebrate Halloween but i draw...ehehee....i plan to draw this for more than a month but i owes not manage to sit down and draw for this...cos i never touch about the Halloween costume or celebrating...

so i think of drawing da vampire, witch or even ghost..try to make it cute and cool..but i found out that..hard to draw them cool...even ma green monster also look so cute...damN~

but at least that wat i wanna draw for the halloween....the clown quite cute...wakakaka

when is da halloween...hehehe...i oso dun know...

this is da drawing for doing my halloween wallpaper

and this is da wallpaper..oh..i forget..this is da first wallpaper that i ever pls use it for a least a day b4 u change it...ok??hehehehe

here is da link, ahhhkian's halloween wallpaper

or u just click on da pic and save it

by da way, i oso change ma blog's banner and the background...hope u ppl like it^^

and Happy Halloween


Cacing said...

wahahaha,,, Halloween 都是恐怖的。。

浓厚的ahkian style!

ahkian said...


bearlim said...

so cute lah! like what cacing said, got ah kian style ^^

ahkian said...

thanks^^ahahaha...happy halloween