Saturday, August 2, 2008

Having a blue hair

If u want to have a new experience, just dye ur hair in blue or pink…just any colour which is not hair “Colour”….damN~

I dye ma hair in blue…so u may think it is cool…but when u walk around da street in ma town u will know u will look like a blue monster. Cos hard to find a blue hair in ma town…

But ma hair make me remember a guy call friends laH~he ever tried to dye his half of his hair… nothing different to me tat dye in blue….pepsi blue with dark blue….

So wat ma dad say when see ma hair.. “ geng wor”….

Ma mum?? “u crazy”

Ma sis??? “ gor, u….weird…”

I know many ppl will look at ma blue..soso…from other view of maybe a good experience for me to be a weird tall blue monster in Miri, ma town…maybe pepsi or celcom will find me…ahahahaha

Bel ask me “regret?” Nop…cos u dare to dye ur hair on blue??no?then shut up ur mouth! least I try b4 maH…

Da first colour I wan to die is blue but I din make it..i choose da normal colour, brown!
Now at least I try it b4..when I finish ma study and go to work, I cant dye ma hair anymore lu….why?? do u wan to ur accountant with blue, green and pink hair??

Now ma life are mix with blue…there a song b4 call “I am Blue”…maybe I should put tat song as ma ringtone…I am blue..da da di ta ta da da ti………

Geek In blue!!!!WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWoooooo…

Somemore..dun cincai cincai dye ur hair in blue if u not tat “open minD”…cos u will get crazy!maybe blue hair in kl is not a big problem..i think so..haiH…

and da cutting of ma hair oso damn stupid...adUH~

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Anonymous said...

my friends dyed at blue be4, but she's a girl so is still k la~

anyway next time can chg to dark green~ it look nice oso ^^