Friday, August 1, 2008

a little cute visiter

yesterday, b4 i go uni...i heard some one "meow meow meow" better go to look and see....weeee...i saw 2 kittens at da back of ma house....but when i go near, onli one there...da other one betray his family an run away...-_- am i look like a monster???

so i take some pic of da kitteN which hide behind da dustbiN~

but da kitten to fierce~ when i try to take pic..she sound so saying "dun come near ME!!!MEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!" i just take some pic and lit her stay there...

lOVE KITTEN~another thing is, next time u drop by me some fruits or flower...dun come here with nothing...MR grass(da grasshopper) oso like this...and u must do somethinG,ok??heheh^^


janelle_l said...

wow, it's cute!

ahkian said...

ahaha,u wan da cat??eheheh^^