Sunday, August 3, 2008

ma blue hair

this is ma blue hair...actually wanna post it but still cant get a better pic for ma blue here ma blue hair...

like a bird shit on ma head

oh come one...give me da blue!

it look stupid, white hair...but blue laH~i oso dun know...haiH~

it look like black....actually da hair stylist say it hard to have da blue u wan...cos blue is a bery weird colour..different ppl dye have different out i look like a blue monster...ahahaa


bearlim said...

i am back~~
new look oh?^^
i also wanna change new look :P

ahkian said...

welcome baCk^^

yup!should be new bluE...

u oso wan?then change to pinK or purple laH..wahahahaaa~