Monday, February 2, 2009

holiday end...and my summer course agaiN

cny holiday end and now my summer class start agaiN~this is one of the reason i din blog to much...cos lazy...mon tues wed class and thurs fri and sat parttimes...ehehehehee..another reason...ahkian is a lazy blogger XP

2day start my class loH~i cannot hate my fin 301!!!i must like it ..cos next week final loH!aduH!

so how ur CNY?!fun?crazy?!

i oledi finish my comic but lazy to scan...ahahaha...lazy lazY~

2day everyone start workinG~so wish u all the besT!

P/s: recently use mouse to will a bit cacat~ahahaha...cos i put my scanner into the box liaO~


嘉CacinG進 said...

lol~ knock knock lazy ahkian~!! ><

bearlim said...

i also lazy leh~~
but still have to work >.<

cRankinG lamEMO said...

mine is crazy...tuan bai from tues to sat, morning till late nite!haha...
happy cny again!
n good luck next week..mine is 11 ler