Thursday, December 4, 2008

drawing ping pong

2day my uncle buy some ping pong back to the shop...he told me tat my another uncle will going to use it for luckly draw while they having their promotion in super the customer buy the product then they will have a change to draw the ping pong...if u draw the ping pong will colour or special...u can win something...something like tat laH..many ppl do tat~ uncle dun wan to buy ping pong with he buy all the white one...and ask me to draw something....three red three black!i never draw ping pong let staRT.....wahahahaa..

the black one with the drawing of "KFC"...ahahaa...i draw tat one first cos by tat time...i dun know want to draw waD.....anyway, the mark pen is suck...hard to draw for ping pong!

after the others ping pong must with ah kian's style drawing laH!!wahahahaa...if not...oso not meaning for me to draw...just draw a star then enough~

and now oledi dec...xmas is coming....ahahaha...and the happy face~hard to draw by free hand....but happy lu..can draw and they will get a chance to see my drawing if they able to draw the ping pong(pls draw them!!!!)ehehehehehe

will they just wan the ping pong but not the gift???wahahahahaa


嘉CacinG進 said...

i think ppl will choose pingpong ball lol~!! wahaha *coz is special!

ahkian said...


Bear Bear said...

i like ur drawing.. look cute..
may i have one too?

ahkian said...

ahaha..tat company property..cannot give ppL~