Thursday, December 25, 2008

hohoho..merry xmas!

生蛋快樂~Merry Christmas!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....actually i dun really celebrate xmas..but got holiday and can go out to we should happy for tat~where my present!!!onli get a card from my er jie...thanks er jie~

hohoho....merry xmas from ahkiaN~

when i go to kuchinG..every place is xmas tree and xmas decor....this xmas is from The Spring!!cooL~at least this is the real one...

and two soldiers beside the tree....ahahaa....where the ginger man???

my new ride...seem like he is not happy for this new onwer~too bad~

and this is miri xmas tree at boulevard car parK....

wat i do for my xmas eve...secret....ahahahaha....

hang around with delon king adelle eng kiat them. Then hang around with da jie mek ah chiew ah choo them...then go home~ahahaaaa

i dun really like xmas cos is like quite boring and make me wanna cry....when i still a kid..owes no present for tat daY! My teacher told me tat xmas got present but owes make me wait until next year xmas!!damN~

now?? big liaO...not need laH..having fun then enouGh...wakaka

anyway..happy xmas!enjoy ur daY~

P/s: after xams...tat mean i need to change my banner and wallpaper?!i dun waN!!!!!!lazY to make a new one....omG..chinese new year....arGH~headache~


bearlim said...

haha, i just changed my banner :)
hope you have a wonderful 2009 ahead ya :)

ahkian said...

ahahaha...ya~i saw it~ wish u have a wonderful 2009 too~

cRankinG lamEMO said...

haha..didn noe u were so naive...haha...i never believe in christmas nor santa..ahaha..

hangout with so many ppl still gua gua jiao said boring ar...kick u ar...

better than me,mo mo past 12 in the car while trying to speed to hotel for the countdown...haiz..miri sure has more 'qi fen' then us thr...find place to countdown also hard..haha..kampung