Tuesday, December 9, 2008

tat day..BBQ 1

tat day,30 nov..we go bbQ....why is sound like bery tired or sien??cos i wait until now to post all these pic...lazy baH~aduH...now need to recall lagI...hate holiday working...it owes make me lazy when back home....tired~~~~~~~~~~~~

ok..talk about this bbq~after our final exam(now the result almost wanna out), we plan to have a BBQ party and celebrate delon's birthdaY....b4 the BBQ we go to buy things at boulevard and some funny things happen~ahahahaa

early in the morning, i oledi go to adelle house kacau kacau and take things~after tat we drive the the onli beach which let us bbq, tanjung pantaI.....not far..take us about 15 minutes...

so so....when reach there...we think we find a good place for bbq...but who know...in the afternoon, the sun is just on the top of us..damn hot....after carry our important "food" and start our BBQ!!weeee...but need to start the damn fire firsT

cos last time i ever wait for 2 hours just to make the fire....very funny experince^^

luckly this time got eng kiaT...so just a while...we can see the fire~wahahaha...everyone is hungry..but no ppl wan to help...-_-...hahahaa

"god of fire, pls burn..for a while"

wahahaha....let rock !!!give me the food!!

here we are..our food~ not much but enough..cos just not more than 10 ppL~ahahahaa

so when talking about food...everyone is trying to help...ahaha...nolah..actually they oso help to light the fire~ahahaha..King, eng kiat, adelle and deloN~

chicken winG~hot dog! where is my favorate crab meat?!

when "burning " the food, can enjoy this beautiful view~

actually tanjung have just renovate...now become more morden..not like last time...ahahaa

"hey!dun finish them while i am taking picture!!"

this leng zai is my modeL....zheng daO, taiwan boy!

beautiful beach( actually quite dirty XP)

still got some more picture~wait for my next BBQ post~many funny and lame things~wakakakakaaaa

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