Thursday, December 4, 2008

never give up!

one of my best friend told me tat her bf have an accident...she told me the name but i forget wat is her bf name i tot is just her friend...after tat she din reply me at aLL..until yesterday, she call me in msn and told me tat her bf have a serious accident and he still in coma....very serious...i feel sorry cos i should ask her or even call her but i din....cos i dun know tat serious...her bf still coma but her bf's friend pass away in the accident...feel sorry for tat...i know she is worry and helpless...but wat she can do is wait until he wake up....

today i got go to pray for her bf...hope he will wake up sooN....just dun give up!!!

very sorry cos i dun know tat serious...and hope u and he dun give up...and wake up loh...she is worry about u!!ok?

all my cartoons will pray for u...anyway...all the best for u and fai fai opne ur eyes and say hi to her~

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