Monday, December 1, 2008

should i be serious?!

i am tat not serious?! serious bery tired one wor....owes need to say something not funny....say something make ppl wanna sleep...why go out...must got some ppl say something funny baH~cant owes say something serious....stupid oso bring happy to why so serious?!

not need to be so serious so u owes can be tat happy..but make sure u know when u need to be serious and not to......dun tel me someone is sad and u keep on not tat serious....they will kick ur ass!hehehehee

wish u all happy for every monent with someone or even alone^^


CacinG said...

做人就是要开心!!!! 哇哈哈
ahkian 最近还好吗?!

ahkian said...


CacinG said...

lol...难道心事重重 -.-
不用紧啦~ 要开心凡是就OK了

ahkian said...


bearlim said...

i am tired too..
too many plans wanna launch but too little time to prepare..>.<