Saturday, December 20, 2008

tat day..BBQ 4

take me such a long time to post this BBQ photo....lazY..ahahaha....see...i forget wat i write for my last bbq post...finding.....make myself look stupid~

Oh ya~after take pic and play around the bridge there, we wanna celebrate delon birthday...king and adelle already go to take the cake by telling delon tat she need to go back home to do something.....but take quite a long time to take the mean i can eat the cake~

after finish the food....prepare for couple of hours but finish them within an hours...

tat day quite a lot of ppl go there to BBQ....luckly we reach there early..if not..cham loH~

oH...the cake have come...where is delon and eng kiat?!oH...

oH!here they are....wat are they doinG?!waiting for the crab again?!

hey...go there and give him a surprise!aahahahaa

"king!take the cake to deloN"

then king carry the cake and give it to delon and delon quite surprise...cos secret receipt cake wor!!!

delon : let me see wat cake u ppl bought for me

king : u open laH

deloN : OK baH!give me the cake

when delon open it...tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

nothing inside!u have been punK!wakakakaka

let king do the magic!momihUN!

tada!chocolate cheese cake!super rich cheese -_-

cos king ask an extra box from the cashier.

so touch leH..dun cry wor~

Burn the candle and the cake!!!ops...

let sing the birthday soNG~

but the wind keep blowinG~

so many security guards try to protect the cheese cake

the birthday guy....but king, why u so happy???

make a wish and cut the cake....oh....

yeaH!give me the cake..cake cake cake!!!

king, delon and eng kiaT

and these two guy...haiH...dun know why...look quite stupid...especially and the taiwanese, zheng daO

zheng dao : so gaY!!
ahkian : yaH!know u know!!damN!

now i still wonder...why i wan to take pic with him....daMn...where is the gals?!my look so " wei qu (委屈)"

cut the cake and eat teh cake!!!

see adelle, so worry for the cake....dun worry, we wont finish the cake when u not a round... more posT!weeeeeee......fai fai finish posting..cos i still got many pic to post....oH~lazY!

to be more one more^^


cRankinG lamEMO said...

30 years old?well, he sure look young for that age...hahha

ahkian said...

huh??wad 30 years old????

cRankinG lamEMO said...

the candles lor 3 long long de