Monday, July 21, 2008

2day's posT

today's posT is NothinG..why??cos i din manage to finish ma drawing and ma hand is suffering a little bit paiN!cos using a mouse to draw, most of the time will hurt ur hands and finger..cos u will keep on draw and click crtl+z....which make ma pic look more better~

another reason, i am sleepy cos whole day working( most of da time i try to catch snake)..quite tired for 2daY...2molo, ma cousin will come from i need to bring her around b4 she have her meeting in da afternooN...

aH, ma hand hurt agaiN..he need to resT...and i heard ma dad say ma mum going to bring da writing pad back..cos she is buying a laptop and it will da writing pad(insurance agent need it for signing doc and she is da financial planner, another word of insurance agent laH)...looking forward!!

august is coming and july will ride his CivIc type-R(ma dream car, cost 200K..damN)and go to vacatioN for a someone say in ma secondary class b4, "time fly fast"(dun know wat they mean...)...they like to say some thing "new" which is funnY...such as "gusung" and all da six year, we like to say tat word...yah, we all stupid....and i found out da word actually is name of a place....wateve...

any new song to intro??

i wanna vomit for ma everyday lunch cos dun know wat to eat in town...dun owes eat chicken rice....oh damN!i need bread and milK and i like them more than rice!

new sem is coming and i havent register ma class.....lalalalaaaaa....hate to talk bout ma studY...wat am i study??u will be surprise...ACCounting aNd FinancE....i cant hate them if i wan to graduate...need to work hard! i talking to mucH...maybe....ehehee....nitE~

this pic is taken few minutes b4 Chinese new year 2008 in kuchinG


bearlim said...

go to vacation for a year? so nice??

hope your mum bring the writing pad back soon ya!

ahkian said...

noleH..i mean da "julY" ahve finish...da next july will be next vacation for a year lU~

mum is back..but she say it may not have it....aduH~