Thursday, July 17, 2008

ma old days

actually nothing to poast for 2day..lalalaaa...but when i find something in ma folder, i saw ma old drawing...and make me think back some funny funny story happen in da past....i share some to u^^

this drawing i draw in ma foudation...tat time i suffer from da study cos all in english...and i fail ma engilsh and maths in tat time i think of give up and plan to start learn about bakery and selling breads....but in da end, i finish ma foudation and start ma degree(actually degree oso suffer..)

wat u do when u having a law class...for me, i draw in classs....ahahaaa...where will u draw???u must be draw in da paper..but i draw at the cover page of da law book...ahahahaa...i have a bad habit which like to draw in ma textbook or other friend textbook or notebook...i still remember in secondary sch, ppl who sit beside me, her notebook will be draw by me...but at tat time, ma drawing is...ahahahaa...bad??maye....ehehee

oh..this one...i draw five of them....but i manage to find two of them tat time, there a drawing which is damn popular...i like them so much...which u can put in da msn pic(not da emoticon) to show tat wat u doing and how u be different from other, i draw it maself..just change da face into ma face...ahahahahaa...bery funnY~

another question..when u buy a notebook from sch, how u going to use it??write notes, timetable and others things...for me....i draw things....sometimes drawing more than da words....the cover page oso ma drawing....i am thinking, would someone wan to buy it??ahahahaaa....

when xmas and chinese new year coming, wat will u do??post something to ur friends in their testimonial??i will post in multiply and ma friends in friendster for their testimonial^^most of them use da pic which from internet pages with html codes....for me...i draw for them(but everyone is da same) no one will get da same from others...ehehehehe

at tat time i still dun know how to us photoshop or corel to edit..all use pencel colour and marker to draw^^

this one funny...this happen when i have ma partime...most of da time i work in upstair and there some aunties work in the others room...they do packing and i make some hampers...most of da time, da key with them and they just hang it near da day, i wan to open da gate and go downstair, to be kind, i try to disturb them and grab da keep as silent as i can...suddenly someone shout "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"...then i open da door, on of da aunties tot got ghost...cos suddenly got a hand from da back door try to steal da key..bery funnY~

this one u ever buy a bread??of course da answer will be yes...but do u ever drop da bread when u try to get it b4 u pay??ma answer is yes....i dun know wat happen at tat day...i try to take da bread, suddenly it drop on da floor...i dun dare to see around and take it back from da tat time, i am thinking...should i pput i back and get a new one??i din...i go to pay for it and throw it, am i stupid??

this pic...em.....forget why i draw...maybe suffer 2 much in class...this drawing i draw when i went home form class...there is a draft which i draw in ma printing is cool...i like it^^something like "burn in hell"ehehehehee

oh..this all ma old drawings...i buy a new cupboard and it have a mirror...for chinese they say not good to have a mirror face to ur mum ask me to take something to cover it, such as newspaper..i say no way!!so i stick stick stick ma old drawing on it look more cooL..ehehe...and i do da samethings to ma door....

this comic i draw for this year chinese new year by using da comic style...quite weird but i like it so much...ahahaaa.maybe will start draw some comic and post at here^^

ok...have a guess...wat is this??

this da door i mention from bedroom's door...why like this?? ma dad ask me"da door need to paint loh" but i say not need...da second day it become like this...wahahahhaa..using all ma poster from da magazine and stick on ma friends ever ask me where is da door when they visit me.....ahahahaaa....

so this all ma old days...stupid and funnY~


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