Wednesday, July 23, 2008

eat crab in krokop 10

where is krokop 10?actually it is in krokop..morning it is a market and upstairs sell food such as mee and mee nite sell food...but more special is there is a karaoke stage for da old ppl is da first time i go there...quite special...but oso quite noise cos they all sing da old sonG...

here is da stage and they all enjoy for da sonG

da stall...actually it is quite big around here but onli few stalls opeN~

da birthday gal for 2molo with hui joo's brother

me and hui joo(da jie)

me and ah mek(daughther)

ah yang go with meKshe try to kiss hiM(play play onli laH)

ah..da crab after we cant finish theM..butter crabs..actually still ok~

so messY around after we fight for da food

actually why we go there??for ah mek birthday and they are 3 of them going to have singing competion for 2molo and they go there to siNG...not bad...they sing quite well...but take a long time to wait...they get 29,30 and 31 many ppl sing meH

they so high and try to dance..nice and happy dinner in Krokop 10..and da lao ban niang is so friendly..belanja us eat fruits...ahahaha..i think we need to pay for it~

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