Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Visit Miri

2day ma cousin from kuching come to miri to attend a meeting in banK in da afternooN...so my dad day"bring her around b4 her meeting" so in da morning i go to airport fetch her, and then we start ours miri visiting!!my partner is ma sis~gogogogo

breakfast in 2020 eat dim suM...but it doesnt taste nice..sorry, biao jie...she talk many about her children's story to us...then we bring her around da miri...such as, ma uni, lutong,beacH, old towN,petrol musuem, just around miri....

this is wat we take at da moution..da petrol mesuem at canada hill..so this is miri....

oIl tower!

after tat, ma dad meet us for da luncH..we decide to eat da "stone rice"..weird...wat is it..cos it just open few week ago...new for us...go in and oder...actually not da rice is hard like a stone..is da bowl made in stone which make da rice more hot....how it taste...oklu~

after lunch, i drive her to da bank and she have her meeting....this is wat i get from her...gift from kuchinG XP

when i am sleeping, i get a msg.."i have transport to airport"...one day trip..seem like i not need to bring her to airport...sleep laH...wahahahahaha....come again wor^^

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