Friday, July 25, 2008

yam cha in delifrance

xin hui, ma best friedn, this sunday wanna go back to tasmania this coming, ma kai jie(huijoo) and decide to find her yam cha....where is our venue??delifrance...just open few month ago in Bintang Plaza, miri....2day is da frist time i go there...wahahahahaa

da jie's banana ice cream

wagessssss with BBQ sauce...bery nice^^and ma ice mocha

this is me and xin huI....ahaahaha...she cuts her hair~

da jie and xin huI

three of us in delifrance until 11pm..ok..i know i look stupid....cos i din smile..da waitress take too long to take a pic...did not manage to take a pic with da hP..

2nite rain until old dog and old cat..super heavy raiN....make us need to stay there and talk for a long time^^but bery enjoy lah cos long time din talk to xin hui and she still da funnY....

xin hui, take K at there and dun get sick laH...see u in year end~call me when u come back 2 miri^^

some thing bery funny at there..cos onli a few ppl at da waitress take pic with each other and one waiter dance at funnY...ahahahahaa....they are friendly :)


Anonymous said...

i never been to delifrance, i thk will try it in future ^^
saw they have many fruit tarts look delicious~
i like the banana ice cream!!

ahkian said... many meal are not u better try at there and tel me how is it^^