Sunday, July 13, 2008

bamboo pen

tis is da bamboo pen

ahkian play da pen

this morning i go to visit da Mac shop..onli visit...look see look see....i try their piano, try their mac book air and i try da pen~it name is bamboo pen....and then i forget wat its i name it as bamboo is so sensitive when i draw it...waO....totally like it...wanna draw ma ahhhkian inside but i try to control maself not to "show off"....throw ma own face...ahahahaa....i prefer draw on da paper with marker and pencel...ehehehee..sometimes lazy, so draw with scanner is thing tat i need to buy first!!!


bearlim said...

oh my god, i just know you use pen to draw before one! i thought you using wacom or bamboo! i cant draw anything by mouse >.<

bamboo is really great, greater than my wacom >.<

ahkian said...

oh....u use nice....u can see da different lah...if i use mouse to draw, da line will be big big one..if use marker, it will be more nice...ahahaa...and other thing, i din use scanner to scan ma drawing..i use digicam to scan it...ahahaa